2018 Testimonials

"Everlasting Affairs thank you so much for a amazing party!!!! Start to finish it was a amazing... Victoria and her staff made the party go so flawless... It was no nice to leave all the details to her we were able to just enjoy the party...❤️" -- Tamera with D.F. Plumbing (30th Anniversary/Christmas Party) 

"Victoria worked with us over several months to fully plan and coordinate our destination wedding in Charleston SC. Everything unfolded smoothly and we received many compliments about our wedding. She kept us at/below budget, was patient, and helped bring us along when we weren't sure. Victoria's work is top notch and she is a pleasure to work with." -- Jessica & Will 11/8/18 

"Where do I begin? Victoria and her staff were absolutely amazing! This past weekend was the best day of my life thanks to the peace of mind that Everlasting Affairs provided. I hired Victoria as a day of wedding coordinator but she was involved during the entire planning process. Victoria offered advice, answered questions and made suggestions. She traveled over 3 hours to our venue and even did a site visit. She ran the rehearsal (I didn’t think a day of package would include this!) and catered to last minute changes.. When there was hiccup with a caterer- we didn’t even know because it was all being taken care of. Oh, and the best part? Victoria drove us on a golf cart to a big field to take pictures because she knew how special those views were to us. 10/10, I would recommend Victoria and Everlasting Affairs. Thank you for making our wedding day PERFECT." -- Jessica & Nick 10/13/18 

"Victoria and her team made the best day of our lives even better. Her attention to detail and her knowledge is extremely stunning. When we met Victoria we knew she needed to be involved in some way. We didn’t think we needed/wanted a wedding planner. However, it was something about her energy that was infectious. We realized we needed that energetic woman! When our venue cancelled on us after 14 months being booked there and other little mishaps along the way like the Best Man dropping out of the wedding only weeks away and vendors dropping us due to venue change, Victoria was there. She’s like this mighty superhero and she makes you feel fabulous! She gets the job done, makes sure everybody gets done what needs to be accomplished and has a little fun through it all! At the end of the night it is so nice to say goodbye to your guests, as she hands you your car keys and says your packed and ready to go! Amazing. I recommend Everlasting Affairs to the moon and back... and back again. Thank you Victoria and your team." -- Bianca & Nate 9/28/18 


"Where to begin..if you are looking for a wedding planner or wedding coordinater with passion, knowledge, organization and someone who can alleviate all stress and make the wedding of your dreams even better than you have ever imagined...you have found the right person.

She helped us plan our wedding and then when we had to change the date a month before the wedding because of military reasons, she helped re-coordinate vendors, guests, accommodations and all we had to do was show up and say I do.

I met Victoria back in college and instantly knew she was a force to be reckon with. She was motivated, passionate and caring. We instantly became friends and we have been best friends ever since.

The second I was engaged I called her to tell her..I think she started planning then. I told her it was going to be rather small and that I would plan it and reach out to her if I needed to. She completely understood and gave me the wheel. I started looking at venues and instantly became overwhelmed working full time, my husband hundreds of miles away, and my maids of honor living out of state as well.

I knew I was in over my head and it was time to call Victoria.

She was overjoyed and excited and I told her I only needed help with the venue in my price range. The budget was tight to say the least, but she found over 15 venues within my budget included all the details I wanted. She was extremely responsive (within hours) and very helpful. She called me after venues to follow up and see what I liked and disliked in order to better find me the venue of my dreams.

After I chose our venue, she walked me through every contract detail and did all the discussions back and forth with the venue to ensure I got the best deal. She sent me reminders and kept me on track about all other payments and vendors. She managed every step of the way, she used her connections to get us the best deals with vendors and I was overjoyed because I stayed below budget the whole time.

When it was about a month before the wedding I had the worst news. My husband’s ship would be leaving the date of our wedding and his command had us change the date of our wedding. I was a mess. I called Victoria instantly and she talked me through it and got to work. Within the day she managed to call all vendors, explain the situation, and ensure the date would work with everyone. Within days everything was updated to the new wedding date and felt a sigh of relief.

When the day finally came, I was overwhelmed like most brides but she made everything better from start to finish. Her team showed me pictures of the venue when I was getting ready and made any changes I wanted prior to my arrival at the venue. She coordinated photos with our large bridal party (which was no easy task). She catered to any need we had and made sure we had our time alone (which I recommend for everyone to do at their wedding) She even made sure my husband and I ate! Everyone at the wedding raved about her organization and professionalism (even though she was doubling as my wedding guest).

We honestly could not have had a wedding without her. We are so thankful we chose her and her team. She is understanding, detail oriented and truly cares for all her clients wants and needs.

I know her personally and professionally and I highly recommend her services in anyway you can include her in your special day. She will ensure you and your significant other are the happiest you can be throughout the process and if you aren’t (for some reason) make sure you communicate it and she will do everything in her power to make sure that changes." -- Anna & Dan 9/19/18

"Victoria and her team were amazing! We had chosen a venue that was a blank canvas so needless to say there was a lot of work put into our wedding day to make it absolutely perfect. With the help of Victoria and her team, they helped us do just that. One word that sums up our experience with Victoria and her team is professional.  Victoria was able to take much of our items, let alone stress, and turn them into manageable and easy to follow tasks. Though we hired them for the day of coordinating, they were very responsive and helpful throughout the entire planning process. Once we got closer to the day of she took the lead and communicated with all of our vendors, which was a relief. On the day of the event she wore many hats and helped in any and all ways she could between setting up the property, ensuring all vendors were told where to go and what to do, providing assistance to our photographer when gathering family for photos and much more. She ran the behind the scenes show without a hitch and was completely essential for our wedding day. I would recommend her services to all brides!" -- Taylor & John 9/15/18 

"Victoria was a pleasure to work with! As an older same-sex couple we hadn't really thought a lot about having a wedding and, at times, felt a bit out at sea, but Victoria could always point us in the right direction and had great suggestions and answers for any questions we had. The caterer, DJ, rental company, florist, and other businesses she suggested to us were all excellent. Nothing seemed to phase Victoria and her crew. Since we got married on our own property, we did a lot of the decor; Victoria jumped in last minute to help when dealing with some of the flowers and greenery got to be too much. After the event she even got us a hefty refund from a company whose equipment malfunctioned momentarily; and this was with absolutely no prompting from us. The wedding planning and the event itself all ran very smoothly, primarily due to Victoria and her staff. At times she seemed to be in two or more places at once! We would happily recommend her to anyone needing help planning an event." -- Tom & Matt 9/8/18 

"I don’t think I can come up with enough words to describe how wonderful Victoria and her team are. Victoria has been there for our entire wedding planning process even when she was hired for day of. She has helped us with more issues than we hoped we would fall into. She is ALWAYS available, always smiling, and always ready to work. When things went wrong with some vendors, Victoria fought for us and contracted new vendors immediately. What a breeze during a difficult time. After our reception ended the first thing my husband said to me in the exit limo was “Victoria is amazing what would we have done without her” . She got us drinks and food, facilitated all the days events, ran the rehearsal, set up everything I ever dreamed of. I feel like we gained a great friend through this process." -- Ashley & Chris 9/2/18 

"Victoria Warren and her team at Everlasting Affairs, LLC is absolutely amazing. They were so professional and extremely detailed-oriented. I can't say enough good things about them. Even when my mother and I clashed, which was frequently, Victoria always had a calm head and great ideas for solving logistical problems. If you need a wedding planner, she is the best there is. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!" -- Sarah & Jason 9/1/18 

"Words can not explain how wonderful Victoria and her team were on my wedding day! From the get go Victoria was professional, kind, and very excited to work with me and my husband. She had my back throughout the entire day of my wedding. She checked in with me constantly, she always made sure I had my favorite beer in hand ( I am a huge beer fan), she made me feel completely at peace on a day that could have felt far more stressful. She was the rockstar of my day! I am going to be singing her praises for ever! I would highly recommend her!" -- Leah & Tyler 8/11/18 

"Victoria and her team are amazing: professional, organized, easy to work with, had an unfailing positive attitude the whole time and absolutely took charge and were on-the-ball on the day of the wedding. I've seen other coordinators at other weddings who disappeared at various points, didn't direct traffic when there was confusion, or projected stress onto the wedding party (or made them feel bad for not being more organized themselves). NOT the case with Victoria and her team--they took such great care of us and our huge wedding party, and helped managed complicated logistics for our ceremony and reception. She was decisive, clear and consistent, and always with a smile. We couldn't have done it without them." -- Mary & Dave 7/21/18 

"Victoria and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with! I consider myself to be a rather organized person, but planning a backyard wedding was a bit too much for me to handle on my own. Hiring Everlasting Affairs was the best decision we made! Victoria is incredibly detail-oriented, which was a relief to me. She also has experience coordinating backyard weddings, so she ensured we had all the proper signage and insurance necessary to keep our day running smoothly. We filled out one questionnaire and did a short venue walk-through and that is all she needed to coordinate our perfect wedding day. On the day of the wedding, the forecast was iffy, so she and her team made several decisions regarding ceremony setup to ensure our vision was prioritized, while also keeping guest comfort in mind. She and her team took charge of ceremony and reception setup, greeted all the vendors, handed out our tips for us, and made sure guests were comfortable. Throughout the day she was attentive to me and my wedding party’s needs and made sure I always had a drink in my hand! I didn’t have to lift a finger, which is exactly what I wanted. Needless to say, I’d recommend Victoria without hesitation!" -- Laura & Everett 6/23/18 

"Victoria and team were a pleasure to work with and made our wedding day completely stress free! We used Victoria and Everlasting Affairs for day-of-wedding coordination, and Victoria's help in the weeks leading up to the wedding and on the day of the wedding exceeded my expectations. Victoria created a very detailed timeline, seamlessly managed vendors on the day of the wedding (I didn't think about vendors for one second, which was amazing!), and helped maximize our enjoyment by always checking in on us and making sure we had a drink in hand without being overbearing. I wanted someone who would be easy to be with on the wedding day, organized and efficient, and flexible -- and Victoria was all of those things. We definitely recommend her and her team for your wedding day!

Thank you, Victoria, for helping us create an awesome wedding experience!" -- Jess & Matt 6/9/18

"We booked for a day of wedding coordinator with Everlasting Affairs and it was one of the best decisions we made throughout the wedding process! Victoria and her team were such a great help in not only assisting with setup to create the look we dreamed about for our special day but also making sure everything ran smoothly! The whole team was extremely professional, helpful, and talented! I could not say enough great things about this company. Victoria went above and beyond my expectations for a day of coordinator and I would highly recommend Everlasting Affairs for any and all wedding coordination needs!" -- Susan & Bryant 5/26/18 

"They made all this difference for our wedding. Especially while dealing with a wanna-be wedding planner (my mother) who can be extremely difficult. They thought of the things we forgot and helped the day flow much better than it would have without them. Worth every penny!" -- Kayla & Bryan 5/12/18 

2017 Testimonials

"Victoria Warren was terrific. She took care of all the details and coordination of all the vendors for the day before and the day of the wedding. Everything was perfect . We were so fortunate to have her there .  I would recommend her to anyone having a wedding ." -- Annmarie (Mother of the Bride) 12/9/17 

"Working with Victoria and her team was absolutely wonderful! I hired her as my day-of coordinator for my wedding on 11/11/17, but she was so much more than that! From the moment I hired her back in April, she provided me with tips and guidance all the way to my wedding day. She was available for calls, texts, and emails, and answered every little wedding detail, décor, and etiquette question that came into my mind. She calmed me down when I was super stressed out and helped me put things in perspective. She was super professional throughout the whole experience, and extremely organized and on top of things.

She came with me to tour my venue, and communicated details with my vendors for me. When we had problems with the tuxes last minute, she stepped in and advocated for us and helped make sure everything got corrected. She might sound sweet (and she is!), but she can stand up for you and get it done when needed! And when the wedding weekend came around and I changed things last minute, she didn’t even flinch as she jumped on my new (and improved, of course!) ideas. I felt very comfortable handing over my “wedding day vision” to her with full faith that she would execute everything beautifully, and she did!

She was awesome at “herding the cats” at our rehearsal. Victoria and her team decorated the last-minute change in ceremony space, and the giant barn for the reception. I don’t know if anything went wrong behind the scenes, but if it did, I had no idea because she took care of everything! My venue was super DIY and I had to bring in all the different vendors, so Victoria had to manage all of them. She coordinated with all the vendors and from my point of view, everything flowed seamlessly! When my new husband and I went off to take photos, one of them came with us just to make sure everything went smoothly and so we could always be in contact the rest of the team back at the venue. I felt like a celebrity with my posse behind me to take care of all the details. They brought us hors d'oeuvres and drinks while we fulfilled various wedding day responsibilities and traditions, fixed our attire when things got out of place, and truly just waited on us hand and foot! Everyone was extremely professional and I truly felt like a princess in their very capable hands. I didn’t have to worry or even think about anything the day of the wedding, and I just let Victoria and her team usher us around, making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there. I truly cannot recommend Everlasting Affairs highly enough. They were amazing; my day was perfect, and I could not have done it without them!" -- Stephanie & Christian 11/11/17

"Victoria and her team were such an important part of making our day perfect! I had no worries the day of my wedding because Victoria had my vision down to every last detail! Having a day of coordinator took such a load off of me and I was able to sit back and enjoy every moment with our guests! I would highly recommend Everlasting Affairs with any event planning!" -- Kellie & Mark  10/28/17

"Victoria and her team made our wedding day perfect! We opted for their day-off coordination service which started long before the day-of. By the time our wedding day came around Victoria knew our wedding vision better than we did. She has an incredible attention to detail, so even though a lot our wedding was DIY and I wasn't able to execute it myself on the day, everything came out better than I imagined. The best part, is my husband and I had a perfect day from start to finish and were were able to focus on our guests, so if anything went wrong we had no idea because the Everlasting Affairs team had everything under control.

I loved everything about our wedding but choosing Everlasting Affairs was by far the best decision we made!" -- Leah & Erik 9/23/17

"Victoria was amazing! She responded to all my emails within minutes and trust me there were a lot throughout the whole year long planning process! I planned the wedding in New Hampshire while living in Houston but she helped to make it seemless. Every time I started to freak out she was there to calm me down and offer practical solutions. I probably saved about $4000 by hiring her if not more not to mention all the stress relief. I couldn't have done this without her. Highly recommended!!" -- Jessica & Sean 9/3/17 

"BEST WEDDING PLANNING DECISION WE MADE. Victoria & her team were by far and away the best decision my (now) husband and I made in planning our wedding. They were incredible professional & the biggest value add to our day.

Leading up to the wedding Victoria was an absolute life savor in the process. She provided her expertise saving me countless hours in research and I knew I could trust her to put Steve and I first in her advice.

Our wedding turned out absolutely perfect without any hiccups as most brides warned me would likely happen, not ONE hiccup and I know it was because of Victoria.

Another huge asset Victoria & her team provides is the actual day. She pulled my husband and I away at the right times giving us little breaks in the day to really take it in and enjoy each other. I can't tell you how incredible that was because it allowed my husband & I some breathing room and it made it so we didn't ever need to be rude to our guests. Since Victoria is such a well-oiled machine, the day went PERFECTLY and we couldn't be happier.

EVERLASTING AFFAIRS IS A MUST HIRE & A NO BRAINER. Best money we spent. <3" -- Claire & Steve 8/19/17

"Victoria and her team at Everlasting Affairs were so professional and detail oriented. We were able to hand off all communication with vendors so that we could truly enjoy our wedding weekend. I highly recommend their services - worth every penny!" -- Bonnie & Jay 8/12/17 

"There is no way our wedding would have been as amazing without the help of Victoria and her team! We hired Everlasting Affairs full package to help plan our wedding soup to nuts. To add to the complexity we were getting married in NH, Victoria was based out of CT and we were living in Berlin GERMANY! She went above and beyond to drive up to our potential NH venue and spent the night to experience the hotel and surroundings before we flew over to sign the contract. We honestly knew then she and her husband Wes were committed to the giving their bride and groom the best wedding they could. Every step of the way Victoria was there to research ideas and put together all of the details while keeping us on track for the big day. She was patient as well since sometimes emails would go weeks without us responding due to work but she would keep on it and coordinate all the bits and bobs while waiting for our reply or send friendly reminders. We had a weekend getaway wedding and her team were there with us from start to finish and even weeks afterward to help settle final tasks. We are still hearing months later from our guests that this was the best wedding they have ever been to - nothing but fun and non-stop dancing and they loved all the little details throughout the weekend. Long story short you are crazy if you do not book with Victoria, she is down to earth and with you through it all unlike some of the other services that we saw available which looked to only capitalize on your wedding not be a true part of making it the most wonderful experience it could be. Thanks again Victoria, Wes and the team - you guys ROCK!" -- Michelle & Nat 7/29/17 

"Victoria and her team were amazing!!! We can't say enough great things about them! We didn't worry about a thing the days leading up to or on our wedding day! She look care of anything and everything that happened to make our day perfect � we were lucky to have Everlasting Affairs be a part of our wedding experience, thank you so much, Victoria!! I highly recommend this team to make your day stress free and beautiful!" -- Megan & Mike 7/22/17 

"Victoria was incredible! Her attention to detail was amazing. Prompt, professional and pleasant. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Victoria, you won't be disappointed!" -- Patricia Morrisroe (Mother of the Bride) 7/22/17

"I really enjoyed working with Victoria at Everlasting Affairs.  She was terrific, always on top of things and calm under pressure.  She helped us though some early problems we caused then everything went like clockwork.  She has my vote for Wedding Planner of the year! Bruce Luberski" -- Bruce Luberski (Father of the Bride) 6/3/17

"Just amazing...." -- Laura & Nick 6/3/17

"Victoria and her husband Wesley are an amazing team. They truly work together to give you exactly what you are looking for. They listen to what you have to say and literally make your dreams come true. I initially wanted a wedding planner to take all the stress off of me and didn't want to have to do anything. That's exactly what Everlasting Affairs did. They did EVERYTHING. From start to finish. I couldn't of asked for a better team to my day everything I could of ever wished it to be. Thanks for an amazing job. Well done! Xo" -- Makayla & Kevin 4/7/17 

2016 Testimonials

"Creative. Energetic. Passionate. Completely client-service oriented. Knowledgeable. Problem-solving. Frugal. Polished. The team at Everlasting Affairs made planning our wedding a joy. We relaxed, dreamed and spent time with loved ones these past two months, while Victoria and her team brought us stunningly beautiful design options, clever ideas and an under budget wedding." -- Rebecca & Dave 10/1/16 

"Victoria, her husband and Josh all did an amazing job with our wedding. Victoria was always in constant contact with myself and all of my other professionals (DJ , photographer, Cater). Making sure everything was going to run smooth when the time came for the big day. I was able to show and tell her all the things we had planned and wanted done the day of and prior. She was very open to helping and make everything happen as we wanted. We had also consented for her to take pictures for her portfolio and we were also able to have those pictures, which tired out amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Jason and I want to personally thank the three of these hard working and amazing people. Couldn't have done it all without them. I recommend them to any bride who wants their wedding day to be everything they always dreamed of and more." -- Samantha & Jason 8/6/16

Testimonials From Vendors

"I had the pleasure of working with Victoria as I officiated a wedding she planned. Everything was beautiful! Thank you for a wonderful event!" -- Cheryl Leach (Officiant) 

"If you're looking for a kind, professional, fun and organized planner - Victoria and her staff at Everlasting Affairs is the perfect match for you! What a pleasure it's been to know them, and work with them! You won't regret hiring them for your special day. We highly recommend their services! 5 star all around." -- One Fine Day

"Victoria was an absolute pleasure to work with. I had the opportunity to work with her this past weekend at a wedding I was hired to DJ for a wonderful couple at the Waveny House in New Canaan, CT. She was attentive, active, helpful, polite, friendly, and intelligent. All of her paperwork was organized and detailed. She was quick to respond and made the entire process seamlessly enjoyable. She knows how to make sure everything is prepared and planned for so that her guests have an enjoyable experience. Thank you! I look forward to working with you again in the future. – DJ AFINO" -- Afino Entertainment

"I had the pleasure to work with this wonderful team at a wedding in July 2017. As a videographer, Victoria and her husband made sure all the vendors were all aware of the schedule and any last minute changes so we were all on the same page. Everlasting Affairs goes above and beyond to make sure that the day is perfect for the bride and groom, the guests and all the vendors!" -- VBitz Productions 

"I had the pleasure of photography a wedding last weekend that Victoria was the day of coordinator and I just have to say she was such a pleasure to work with. So professional and always accommodating to every vendors needs. I would highly recommend her to all of my brides in the future. I can't wait to work with her and her awesome team again soon." -- J.Parsons Photography

"What a pleasure working with Victoria and her staff they are so hands-on. Victoria goes out of her way to make sure everything's perfect and wants her Brides or anybody having a special occasion to have the time of their life. I was fortunate to work with Victoria on a wedding my company Beauty at Your Door did hair and make up, she was so on point venue, photography, beauty,and caters etc if you're looking for someone that actually really cares about your special event pick Victoria & her team at Everlasting Affairs !!!!!xopuma" -- Beauty At Your Door

"We are the catering company and it was our Pleasure working with Victoria from Everlasting Affairs She had a short period of time To make this all happen for the Bride and Groom, she  kept the line of communication open and moving forward We  recommend her services to clients who are looking for a Awesome wedding planer.  Thank You Victoria" -- Little Miss Sophie's Catering

"Victoria and her team were amazing to work with. I was the photographer for the wedding we worked together. She was quick to reply to all emails beforehand and answer any questions I had. She made a detailed timeline to ensure the couple got the most out of their day.  On the day the team was efficient and adjusted quickly to plan B for a rainy day. Everything looked beautiful for the reception. Would recommend Everlasting Affairs to future couples :)" -- Shanoah Madison Photography

"Victoria was great! Working with her made the wedding amazing. I usually don't travel that far to DJ, but it was totally worth getting to work with Everlasting Affairs. Even with unexpected rain the event still ran smoothly. I hope to work with them again!" -- DJ Ross